Back Garden Patio built in Bromley BR1

Bromley Patio FitterOur Bromley Based Customers requested a visit to their property in BR1 to view the back of the rear garden where the green house, shed and garage was. We were asked if we could pave this area and widen the path.

There were too many steps and slopes which were uncomfortable to walk on and the area felt quite claustrophobic because of this. The work Vas Landscapes carried out was to raise the level from the shed base and form two steps into the large landing area. We reduced the flower beds and raised the patio the same level as the shed base.

Once the steps were placed we removed the higher part of the area and removed the old retaining flower bed which was holding the ivy in. Next we installed membrane for movement and backfilled with type 1 and compacted.

We then installed a new small footing to build a small wall around the raised flower beds where the ivy is. Next we laid natural stone paving and pointing.

The end result was that the area looked more open, easier to walk on and and is now comfortable for a seating area and working
area if the customers would like to place plants in the future.  Our Bromley customers are very happy with the results.

Bromley Patio FitterBromley Patio Fitter

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