Full Garden Makeover in Selsdon

selsdon landscape garden

‘Vas Landscapes was recommended by a previous customer from Orpington.

The garden which is based in Selsdon Park was viewed and discussed with the customers. A complete make over was requested by the customers for the rear garden.

Work to be carried out would be a patio area in the rear garden at the end of the lawn by the existing rockery. A 9 inch wall at seat height was built and capped with Natural Stone paving. Steps were created where the right hand slope was.

A patio area was shaped and marked to be laid using Natural Stone paving. The existing garden path was removed as it was old, tired and uneven.

This was re-leveled to match the patio area. At the bottom of the path a small wall was built to make the grass level at a certain point.

Steps were created leading to the bottom of the lawn where the main steps are near the house. A brick mowing strip was added to the left hand side of the garden.

The existing lawn was removed, rotivated and leveled with topsoil brought in to make up the levels. A turf was laid using Rolawn.

The customers are extremely happy and satisfied with their garden

Before and After

selsdon landscapegardenselsdon landscape garden

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