Brickwork and Paving work in Chislehurst


Front garden: The front drive and path were unsafe to walk on and the existing walls were damaged and foundations were in a bad condition.

We installed new foundations and extended the opening of the driveway to allow for more vehicles. Vas Landscapes built a new 9 inch brickwork with 13 inch pillars. The door steps were facing towards the road and we built new footings to build a retaining wall and a seating area.

We created new front door steps using Limestone Paving and Borneo Edge. Next we layed 3 courses of edgings to match the colour of front door step and coping from the road to the seating area so that once the customer has driven on to the driveway they are not stepping into the garden bed.

The customer employed a tarmac company to tarmac the driveway. I cleaned the steps and copings once job was completed and added a strain protector.

Vas Landscapes removed all of the waste from site.


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