Childrens Play Area Beckenham

I received an enquiry to quote for a rear garden which at the time was an empty space. The customers showed me their plans for the area and this involved creating a play area for their young children. I agreed to commence the work and this involved removing the two damaged sheds and the play shed and removing the existing concrete shed base.

The shed base was too high and once the area was cleared I excavated the whole area at approx 88 square metres at 150mil deep. Some areas were deeper, especially around the shed area. When the ground was cleared I began to install a privacy Trellis across the rear wall which backed onto other gardens.

I then installed a permeable membrane over the completed area and placed a new concrete shed base with re-inforcing mesh to secure it. Once the shed base was installed I placed railway sleepers and the customer installed the children’s play apparatus on top of the membrane. I then covered the area with 11 bulk bags of play bark around and under the apparatus where required.

The play bark was placed at 150-mil – 175mil deep for safety. Around the shed base I placed 1 bulk bag of Copwell chippings in order to break up the contrast. I then re turfed the patchy areas in front of the shed base and the sleepers to make good.

The customers were very happy with the results and have since informed me that the children are enjoying the play area very much.

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