Driveway and Shed Base work in Purley, Croydon

The Customer requested a large shed base at the rear garden where there was a large wasted area to be filled. A timber frame approx 12 by 8 shed base was installed and  membrane and concrete was placed and re-inforced with mesh. Concrete was poured on top of the mesh and shattered. Once concrete was dry the shattering board was removed and the shed was ready for installation by the customer.

At the front of the garden we extended the driveway and removed part of the wall by a metre and a half and replaced the Pillar. Vas Landscapes installed a small wall and Pillar going toward the house and cut an area out on the wall for a light which the customer supplied an fitted. We then installed a concrete edge at the beginning of the driveway and re blocked the front edges and extended the driveway. We also extended the bottom of the driveway.

The customer did not want a new driveway but a temporary extension which Vas Landscapes installed as described above. The Council filled in the Tarmac once our work was completed. The Customer was very happy with the work carried out

Vas did a great job building a large shed base and adding some width to our drive. Vas was great at the quote stage, adding his years of experience and expertise to the challenges posed. He was flexible during the work, as we changed our minds a few times, he was always on time, and the work was tidy and very well done. I likes that Vas sent me pictures of the work each day and then called to discuss progress, any challenges etc. We were always aware of what was going on. His work is very neat.

Dr Nigel and Mrs Lynne Rata, Google Reviews

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