Garden Patio Paving work in Biggin Hill Kent


Our customer requested a Patio to be placed in the rear garden which consisted of grass and mud. Having gone through the Marshalls catalogue the Symphony Blue Paving Stone was selected by the customer.

We excavated the area to be paved, approximately 22 square metres and 150 mil deep. We installed a membrane for movement and sub base of type 1 was compacted. Vas Landscapes installed the recess man hole cover and started laying the Symphony Blue Paving stones which required a Paving Primer on the back of the stone to help the stone bond with the cement.

Once the Paving was installed we used a spacer between the slabs for drainage holes to the sub base ready for the jointing compound.

Marshalls KL curves were used for the step and the edging at the end of the patio. A Plum slate was installed on either side of the patio and the slabs were cut to suite the man hole cover. The Customer was very happy with the work and has written me a good review on the Marshalls website.

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