Oprington Landscape Gardening, Patio & Shed Base

We first worked on a Lanscape Garden job in Orpington 2009 re cycling decking, cleaning, jet washing and re staining. The customer contacted me recently and discussed removing the decking and retaining sleeper flower beds.

Vas Landscapes carried out the work by removing the existing decking and sleepers and excavating the area at 150-200 mil deep below damp course.

Once the garden was excavated and cleaned we installed pipe work going into the existing soakaway and Aco drains against the house below the damp course. We then installed a membrane for movement and sub base of type 1 compacted. Sand and cement was then used to concrete bed & lay rustic slate which they chose.

We installed two recess manhole covers and re built two raised flower beds with new footings. West Hoveley bricks were used to install the flower beds and installed a small step stepping up onto the lawn area between the flower beds.

On the right hand side we installed a small ramp suitable for a lawn mower or wheelbarrow. I used pebbles either side of the patio. At the rear of the garden the customer requested a shed base suitable for a shed.

This was bricked up by the shed base so no concrete was visible and Rustic slate around the front and side of the shed base ready for the shed to be installed.

This Landscape Garden and Patio job was completed middle of November in Orpington BR6 and the customer was extremely happy with the outcome.

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