Garden Sleepers & Patio Work in Addiscombe, Croydon


A customer in Addsicombe requested I re cycle the existing slabs in her rear garden. I lifted the slabs and laid them into an old vegetable patch area.

I excavated the area and removed the old vegetable plants and saved the soil. Area was excavated at 150 mil deep and I installed a membrane and sub base of type 1 compacted and sand and cement bed to lay the slabs on. These were pointed.

Once the slabs were laid and pointed I installed two raised railway sleeper flower beds and cut to size. The dimensions of the sleepers were 2.4 by 120 metres.

Once the sleepers were installed and stabilised I stapled a membrane inside the sleepers and backfilled the existing soil into the flower beds.

I installed organic compost to help with the planting. I placed a membrane around both sleepers on the floor area and installed bark chippings surrounding the sleepers for a softer look. I jet washed the paving to make them look new.

The customer was very happy with the work carried out and that I had managed to recycle the existing slabs as she requested

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