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A previous customer recommended me to his friend in Bexley who required a fence putting up. I discussed what the customer wanted and the type of fence she had in mind.

Once I established what type of fence was required, I commenced the fence work at the rear of the garden then began at the front side of the garden. The existing fence was at an angle and was taking up alot of the side garden, therefore, I discussed the shared driveway with the neighbour where I was going to place the new border line post.

I began to remove the existing fence and installed a new fence following the gradient of the garden on both sides of the shared garden. Once the fence was installed I placed a new side gate with locks and accessories.

The neighbour requested if I could extend the old paving at the side towards the new fence. Both sides of each garden were sloping towards the rear gates and would puddle whenever it rained so I suggested placing Aco drains on both sides into the existing soakaway.

I started removing the previous concrete and placed new slabs which did not match the existing slabs, I removed the stepping stones at the lawn and placed them at the patio area to match and placed the new slabs into the lawn as stepping stones and filled in where possible.

The customer and her neighbour were very happy with the work carried out and they were satisfied with the outcome of their gardens. The customer has requested some more work for the future when I am next available.’

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