Garden Begoda Fitter Sanderstead Surrey

Garden Begoda Fitted in Sanderstead Surrey A customer contacted me to view his garden in Sanderstead Surrey and install a Begoda with trellis. He ordered the Begoda for me to install. I measured the area and marked the area to ensure the customer was happy with the position. I assessed [...]

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Rear Garden Retaining Wall Sanderstead

Rear garden retaining wall built in Sanderstead I had a request to view a rear garden retaining wall in Sanderstead. I had been recommended by a previous customer. The existing wall was falling towards the customer's garden as the neighbour's garden was higher and the force of the gravity was bringing the wall [...]

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Returf of Garden Lawn West Wickham

Garden Lawn Returfing in West Wickham Vas Landscapes had an enquiry to see a property in the West Wickham/Bromley area to view the rear garden lawn. We discussed the lawn and the customer was happy for us  to commence the work. First we tested the ground to see how hard it was before [...]

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