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Garden Shed Base New fence Beckenham BR3

An existing customer in Beckenham asked me to revisit and look at the rear of the garden. They requested a new concrete shed base and a new fence at the rear.

I commenced the work by removing the existing shed and decking. Once removed I excavated the area and installed a membrane and placed a gravel board to retain the concrete of the appropriate size. I poured concrete and placed a reinforcing mesh and finished this with a tampered finish.

Once the shed base was installed I removed the existing fence surrounding the shed and replaced with concrete slotted posts. The garden being on a slope I decided to use 1 foot by 6 foot concrete gravel boards. On top I used 6 inch by 6 foot gravel boards.

Then used 5 foot by 6 foot close board panels. Then placed two corner posts so this will give a neat effect on either side. Once the fence was installed I placed a membrane around the shed base and with a neat finish placed 20mil of gravel and made good.

The customers were very happy with the results and will contact me for installation of the shed when it arrives.

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