Landscape Garden work in Ladywell, Lewisham SE13

I was contacted by a customer to visit her property in Ladywell and have a look at the garden path and wall. The customer welcomed ideas as the wall was beginning to crumble and the garden path was uneven. I suggested removing the existing wall and to install a new 9 inch brickwork.

The last course on the brickwork would be a 4 inch single brick on top of the 9 inch wall. Topsoil would then be added to make good with the turf.

At the small wall on the flower bed side of the path I removed the wall and at the beginning of the path by the existing patio installed two steps to ease the garden slope.

At the end of the path I placed another step to follow the gradient of the garden and lead into the shed. Natural stone paving would then be laid.

The customer requested a curve at the rear and a small brick wall to be built on the right hand side on the step area where the shrubbery is.

The garden path now appears wider as the small wall was removed and a brick band placed on the path. The customer was very happy with the work carried out.

Vas transformed an old path and dilapidated brick wall into something that makes me smile every time I look at it.

He takes immense pride in his work, I loved watching him hand select bricks and discard others, all in a effort to create the very best appearance.

A true craftsman of his trade.

Ruth, Ladywell, Lewisham SE13

Results after the Landscape Work

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