Garden Lawn Returfing in West Wickham

Vas Landscapes had an enquiry to see a property in the West Wickham/Bromley area to view the rear garden lawn. We discussed the lawn and the customer was happy for us  to commence the work. First we tested the ground to see how hard it was before ordering machinery.

We did this by using a garden fork and it soon became apparent that a turf skimmer would not be sufficient as the ground was uneven. The rotavator would not be able to loosen the ground so we hired a small digger to remove the lawn and using a digger bucket to loosen the soil.

We pulled out a lot of debris and decided to use the grading bucket to make it even. Once the digger was removed we began to use a landscape rake to remove any debris. Next we re compacted the loose soil by re heeling.

Next we installed 6 inch gravel boards approx a meter away from the fence line on the left hand side towards the garden to retain the top soil. We then installed 10 tons organic top soil in the garden to have a reasonable flat surface following the gradient of the garden. We re heeled the new top soil in stages and gave it a final level. Once levelled we began to lay Rolawn Turf which was 95 square meters. Before installing the turf we spread bonemill on the soil as a feed.

The flower bed on the left hand side where the gravel board is installed to remain as is in order for the customers to have a walkway in the future once they have decided on options.

Will remain as a flower bed or possible path.

The customers were very happy with the work carried out.

Before the garden lawn returfing

Returfing Garden Lawn West Wickham
Returfing Garden Lawn West Wickham
Returfing Garden Lawn West Wickham

Results after the refurfing

Returfing Garden Lawn West WickhamReturfing Garden Lawn West Wickham

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