Rear garden retaining wall built in Sanderstead

I had a request to view a rear garden retaining wall in Sanderstead. I had been recommended by a previous customer. The existing wall was falling towards the customer’s garden as the neighbour’s garden was higher and the force of the gravity was bringing the wall into the garden.

The existing wall was left in place and the customer requested if I can build a new built wall on the edge of the grass, following the gradient of the garden. The customer did not want anything industrial looking but a softer looking effect which I achieved with railway sleepers and re-inforced concrete into the cavity.

I ensured there were drainage holes at the bottom for the raised planters. Once all was installed I added organic Topsoil to the top ready for planting by the customers.

The customers were very happy with the outcome and said they would call me in the future for any further work they require and are happy to recommend me to other customers.

Images Before Build

After Project Completion

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