Patio Refurbishment Sanderstead Surrey

patio refurbishment sanderstead surrey

I visited a repeat customer in Sandertead. The customer requested a patio to be looked at which had been installed by a builder 15 years ago.

The patio was dipping  in the middle and retaining rain water. The customer suggested lifting the middle section out and I advised that the whole area should be lifted so that the gradient falls towards the end of the patio where the wall is.

I suggested aco drains be installed against the wall and leading pipe work into the garden. Once the patio had been re lifted and cleaned I removed the existing base and some of the type 1 also to get a better gradient.

I placed a membrane and re compacted the area. I installed aco drains and relaid the patio using existing slabs. I then re pointed. The rest of the garden path and steps I grinded out and re pointed.

The customers were very happy with the work carried out and I also washed the patio in order to test the aco drains.

patio refurbishment sanderstead surreypatio refurbishment sanderstead surrey

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